Beam Panel Saw Advantage

1.This machine is adopt IPC control,easy to use.

2.Optimized software installation, can be directly imported material listing, optimization cutting and printing labels.

3.There is a fault alarm device,it will be stop at once when it work failure and have the function of fault automatic detection,easy to check the cause of the problem.

4.Conveying mechanism for reliable performance of Japan’s mitsubishi AC servo motor drive, using high precision worm gear reducer, Switzerland and precision gear, rack and combination of transmission.

5.Use of electrical components and key parts and components,all adopt international famous brand products, to ensure product accuracy and reliability.

6.Main engine saw cutting is very fast,it is according to the cutting plate thickness,raelize the infinite adjustment.

Products Details

1. The air of 3 air floating tables are supplied from a air blower. In this way, we can move the work piece easily on the tables no matter how big it is. And there is a ON/OFF button at the side of the table.

2. Aluminum alloy saw carrier. Saw carrier driven by servo motor, rack & pinion, stable movement. Pull back position is automatically controlled based on next cutting length. This can reduce unused moving time and greatly improve efficiency.

3. Optional control system

4. Double side aligner system. It fix the workpiece properly.

5. Chroming vertical fence is installed on the left side of machine, which is convenient for operating . And it will never get rusted.

6. The machine rack and working table is made of thick special steel, with steel welding vertically and horizontally. It is very stable after annealing.

7. Pneumatic main saw blade quick adjustment system, which helps the operator to change the saw blade easily and quickly.

8. The carrier rack is made up of 3 individual working devices. It pulls the main saw and scoring saw to finish the cutting process.

9. Resistant chroming working table protects the workpiece without damage.

Product Parameter

Max. Cutting length 3280mm
Mechanical arm’s running distance 3280mm
Max. Height of blade 130mm (intelligent control)
Diameter of main saw 400*4.4*60mm
Diameter of scoring saw 160*4.4-5.4*45mm
Saw socket forward speed 5-80m/min
Saw socket backward speed 100m/min
Mechanical arm’s speed 0-120m/min
Motor power of main saw shaft 18KW
Motor power of scoring saw shaft 2.2KW
Side pressing system Double side pressing wheels
No. Of mechanical arm 8 pcs
Air bearing table 3 pcs
Air compression 6 bars
Air capacity 150L/min
Min. Speed of dust collection 26m/sec
Negative pressure (at least) 1200 Pa
Input air capacity for dust collection 4400 m3/h
Diameter of dust collecting holes (2 sets) 200mm*1
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