Pallet cutting machine – Automatic cross cut off machine for pallet making

Pallet cutting machine SF606

Machine Details

Siemens PLC touch screen, can pre-set, edit and save cutting plans.

The working table is tilted, which will ensure wood close to the working table to improve cutting precision.

The start & stop working button can be remote control or wire control, which’s very convenient for the operator.

Contains cutting program, various cutting dimensions freely combined, can cut 8 kinds dimensions on one piece wood.

Machine Video

Machine Parameter

Model SF606 SF6060
Cutting length Max. 2m/ 4m/ 6m
Cutting height 10-120mm 10-140mm
Cutting width 30- 200mm 30-300mm
Cutting section Max. 120*150mm/100*200mm Max.140*280mm/120*300mm
Feeding speed 5-30m/min
Cutting speed 40pcs/min 45pcs/min
Blade diameter 450mm*30mm 600mm*30mm
Cutter spindle rotation speed 3000rpm 3150rpm
Servo drive motor power 0.75kw 1kw
Cutting motor power 7,5kw/11HP 11kw/15HP
Total power 8.5kw 12.5kw
Pressing method Cylinder, air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Cutting tolerance In +/-1mm
Machine working dimension L*W*H, 5.4m*1.2m*1.6m/7.4m*1.2m*1.6m/9.4m*1.2m*1.6m
Dust collection port Dia. 100mm*2pc
Electrical components Schneider
PLC Touching screen Siemens

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