Project Description

Dust Collector

HX100 (automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine)

Air Compressor

Hicas Woodworking Dust Collector
Power 2kw-11kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase
Dust bag quantity 2pc-48pc
Dust collection port 2pc-8pc
Blowing rate 3600-21000m3/h
We recommend right dust collector model base on the main woodworking machine

HX100 automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine
Saw blade diameter 100-650mm
Grinding teeth speed 10 teeth/min, adjustable
Grinding head rotate speed 3000 rpm
Back angle grinding wheel speed 20 m/s
Front angle grinding wheel speed 26 m/s
Grinding wheel granularity 240-400
Back angle grinding wheel size 125*20mm
Front angle grinding wheel size 170*20mm
Front angle of saw blade 0-30 °
Front rake angle 0-45 °
Back angle of saw blade 0-30 °
Back rake angle 0-45 °
Saw blade thickness 0.7-5mm
Grinding stroke 8mm
Machine power 0.8kw
Machine weight 300kg
Machine size 1100*900*1200mm
Water tank capacity 27L
Cooling pump flow 10L/min

Air Compressor
The line contains, Screw air compressor + air tank + air filter + air dryer
Power 2-37kw
Pressure 6-12 bar
Capacity 0.8-22M3/min
Dust collection port 2pc-8pc
We recommend right air compressor model base on the main woodworking machine
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