Project Description

SF6060 (cut off saw)

SF6023 (double heads trim saw)

MJ6420E (double heads trim saw)

SF1002 (multi head trim saw)

HC-F (multi rip saw)

HC-Y (multi rip saw)

MJ143E (multi rip saw)

MJ153 (single rip saw)

H-CS20 (optimizing cross cut saw)

MJ3971A (horizontal band resaw)

Model SF6060
Cutting length Max. 2m/ 4m/ 6m
Cutting height 10-120mm
Cutting width 30- 200mm
Cutting section Max. 120*150mm/100*200mm
Feeding speed 5-30m/min
Cutting speed 40pcs/min
Blade diameter 450mm*30mm
Cutter spindle rotation speed 3000rpm
Servo drive motor power 0.75kw
Cutting motor power 7,5kw/11HP
Total power 8.5kw
Pressing method Cylinder, air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Cutting tolerance In +/-1mm
Machine working dimension L*W*H, 5.4m*1.2m*1.6m/7.4m*1.2m*1.6m/9.4m*1.2m*1.6m
Dust collection port Dia. 100mm*2pc
Electrical components Schneider
PLC Touching screen Siemens
SF6023 double head trim saw
Cutting length 500-1500/2000mm
Cut off length Left side max. 95mm, right side no limit
Cutting thickness Max. 120mm
Cutting width Max. 200mm
Feeding speed Fixed 20m/min
Saw blade diameter Inside Ø30-outside Ø450-120T
Cutting tolerance Less than 1mm
Cutting motor 4*2kw
Cutting motor rotation speed 2830RPM
Feeding motor 2.2kw
Total motor power 12.2kw
Voltage 380v 50Hz 3 phase
Exhaust duct Dia. 100mm*2pc
Machine packing dimension 2380*2150*1550mm
Machine weight 1270kg
High precision double end trim saw MJ6420E
Working width 230-2000mm
Working thickness 10-70mm
Score saw speed 3000RPM
Main saw speed 3000RPM
Cutting precision 0.3mm
Feeding speed 6-24m/min
Feeding block distance 400mm
Saw spindle diameter 30mm
Score saw blade diameter 160-200mm
Main saw blade diameter 250-300mm
Machine voltage 380v 50hz 3phase
Total machine power 15.35kw
Score saw spindle power 2.2kw*2pc
Main saw spindle power 4kw*2pc
Feeding power 2.2kw
Width adjustment power 0.75kw
Work table height 900mm
Dust collection port 120mm*2pc
Machine dimension 5100*2500*1450mm
Machine weight 3000kg
SF1002 Automatic multi head trim saw
Cutting length 500-3000mm / 500-4000mm
Cutting thickness Max. 120mm
Productivity 35-50pc/min
Cutting accuracy ±1mm
Saw kerf 4mm
Saw blade diameter 450*30mm
Total motor power 20kw
Voltage 380v 50Hz 3 phase
Dust collection port Diameter 100mm
Machine size 4000(5000)*2200*1400mm
HS code 8465910000

Max. Working Thickness 120 mm
Min. Working Thickness 10 mm
Min. Length Of Single Piece To Be Fed 600 mm
Min. Length Of Pieces To Be Continuously Fed 300 mm
Max. Working Thickness Of Press Plate For Short Piece 95 mm
Max. Working Width 300 mm
Distance From Post To The Middle Point Of Chain Blocks 360 mm
Max. Diameter Of Saw Blades 380 mm
Min. Diameter Of Saw Blades 200 mm
Bore Diameter Of Saw Blades 70 mm
Saw Spindle Diameter 55 mm
Saw Spindle Speed 4000 rpm
Saw Spindle Motor 37 kw
Feeding Motor 2.2 kw
Feeding Speed (Frequency Converter Control) 4 – 30 m/min
Press Roller Unit Elevating Motor 0.37 kw
Suction hoods diameter 2×150 mm
Dust suction system air need quantity 3800m3/h
Dust suction system air wind speed 25~35m/s
Work table height 740 mm
Work table size 1735X760 mm
Overall dimensions 2200X1500X1580 mm
Encasement dimensions 1900x1600x1750mm
Net weight 2300kg
Encasement weight 2600kg

Single rip saw MJ153
Model MJ153D MJ153F
Max. Cutting thickness 85mm 85mmm
Max. Cutting width 460mm 460mm
Min. Cutting length 330mm 330mm
Saw blade spindle speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Feeding speed 12/16/19/24

Fixed speed


Frequency control

Spindle diameter 25.4mm 25.4mm
Saw blade diameter 205-305mm 205-305mm
Total power 8.25kw 8.25kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase 380v 50hz 3phase
Dust port diameter 2pc 100mm 2pc 100mm
Machine dimension 1700*1100*1580 1700*1100*1580
Machine weight 950kg 950kg
Optimizing cross cut saw H-CS20
Cutting length Min. 300mm
Cutting width 30-200mm
Cutting thickness 20-80mm
Cutting section area 200*30 mm

150*80 mm

Rear saw length Fixed 80mm
Saw blade diameter 450mm
Feeding method Conveyor belt
Feeding speed

(Infinite adjustable)

0-70m/min (Working)

200m/min (Empty load)

Cutting tolerance ±0.5-±1.5 mm
Cutting speed 0.15-0.35 seconds
Air pressure 0.8Mpa
Machine power 18kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase
Dust collection port 2pc*120mm
Discharge pusher 2pc
Machine length About 8m
Optimizing functions With 6 optimizing functions,

1. Length optimizing 2. Class optimizing 3. Quantity optimizing 4. Value optimizing 5. Zero waste optimizing 6. Dead knot cutting optimizing

Cutting size list 200 fixed lengths per group, 50 groups.
Software Optimizing cross cut saw with built-in blowing-off device for waste.

Install with Maxcut software. With TFT color display 15″and touch screen.

horizontal band resaw MJ3971A
Model MJ3971A*400 MJ3971A*400*2 MJ3971A*400*3
Max. Working Width and thickness 400*300mm 400*200mm 400*200mm
Distance from saw blade to worktable 3-200mm 3-60mm 3-60mm
Width of conveyor belt 380mm 380mm 380mm
Saw wheel diameter 711mm 711mm 711mm
Saw wheel thickness 33mm 33mm 33mm
Feed speed 0-18m/min 0-18m/min 0-18m/min
Saw wheel lifting motor 0.18kw 0.18kw*2 0.18kw*3
Saw wheel motor 18.5kw 15kw*2 18.5kw*3
Total power 18.68kw 30.36kw 56.04kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase 380v 50hz 3phase 380v 50hz 3phase
Hydraulic pressure 55kg/cm2 55kg/cm2 55kg/cm2
Dust outlet diameter 102mm*2 102mm*6 102mm*6
Saw blade size 4572*41*1.27mm 4572*41*1.27mm 4572*41*1.27mm
Saw kerf 1.2-2.2mm 1.2-2.2mm 1.2-2.2mm
Machine size 3000*1950*1850






Machine weight 1900kg 3400kg 5100kg
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